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"Very reliable and efficient team over at Attorney David Gutierrez Law Office. Everyone was very knowledgeable and I was well informed. My time there was not wasted and was well spent. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone." 
- Richalyn C.
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David Gutierrez, Esq. Aggressive Expungement Lawyer
Clear Your Criminal Record Quickly!
Misdemeanors and felonies prevent you from getting a steady job, securing a home, and improving your Immigration status.

We help you clean your criminal record so you can secure your dream job, get paid more, live in your dream home, and become a legal resident or citizen of this beautiful country!
- David Gutierrez, Esq.
Expungement Done Quickly!
We work fast to get your expungement request filed within days of hiring our office.  Appointments can be held virtually so that you never have to leave your home or take time off work.
Over 20+ Years of Experience
David Gutierrez has been helping client's clean their criminal records for over 20 years.  He learned how to navigate the courts as an intern at the Alameda County District Attorney's Office.  
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Expungement Success Stories
"When i needed someone to help me in a time of need, Law Offices of David Gutierrez was a guide, a calming presence and a forceful advocate. he understood my case and was extremely thorough in explaining all of the decisions that needed to be made."

- Natasha S. 
"I was extremely pleased with my experience with this firm. They responded very fast, and helped me with exactly what I needed."

- Janetta R.
"Trustworthy, straight to the point, no nonsense experience. Perish the thought of getting another case, but definitely a client that will return. If need be."

- Ernest M.
"Thanks for your great help. Your professionalism towards my case was excellent. You protected my interests from the beginning to the end."

- Armando B . 
"He was very helpful in helping me with my case. I highly recommend it."

- Berenice S.
"Very professional and attentive to all details, I was satisfied with the way my case was handled and an excellent result."

- Rory O.
 Awesome law firm. I personally recommend them for all your legal advice and needs.

- Edgar J . 
"This Lawyer is really good very prompt, I needed help and I'm glad I called and got the support I need. Law Office of David Gutierrez is excellent!"

- Lian R.
"This is a great law firm with a strong sense of community. They are all professional and thorough. I felt listened to and supported."

- Gary S.
" Very professional, experienced and knowledgeable lawyer"

- Amy C. 
"Best in town...Highly recommended!"

- Harrison R.
"Very professional and well worth the money for the value and expertise that was provided. I was hesitant to work with attorneys but these guys are legit and care about the client first."

- April E.
" I appreciated the level of communication and their knowledge and thoroughness on each aspect of my case. They are thorough, knowledgeable, and very responsive to their clients. I highly recommend this firm for their trust and perseverance. I would highly recommend to family and friends.r"

- Kathleen L. 
"David has your back, very pleased with your service he was very helpful and patien. would be more than happy to refer them to anyone who needs legal help."

- Brandon W.
"I recommended David Gutierrez to everyone I know. He really care about his work and it shows in every aspect of the interactions I had with him. Amazing!."

- Harry P.
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